We will recall you for checkups and cleanings on a regular schedule. Our Dental Hygienists can answer many questions about prevention of disease, cleanings, dental hygiene, breath control, bleaching and sealants.

Comprehensive Services

Most dental services for children and adults are available.

Dr. Kelly's interest in Family Dentistry minimizes the need for a referral to a specialist. However, when referral is necessary, Dr. Kelly works closely with some of the finest specialists in the area. Modern technology gives us the ability to make dental changes that only a decade ago would be nothing short of miraculous. We try to offer treatment that will have you looking and feeling great in a gentle and caring way.

We know how valuable your time and money are to you. That's why we offer on-time appointments, affordable financing plans, and definitive care.

We can develop a detailed treatment plan for any patient with a problem requiring complex treatment and explain any options for treatment in a particular situation.

The Practice

We are a Family Practice performing General Dentistry for patients of all ages. We provide quality care with an emphasis on the prevention of future problems. We can answer your questions about fluorides, fillings, cosmetic dentistry, bonding, gum disease, oral cancer, TMJ problems, bite problems and orthodontics. We can tell you about diet and drugs, dentures and caps, and bridges or root canals. We can give advice on all methods of pain control and anxiety relief.

Comfortable and Gentle Manner

I hope that this information gives you some insight about dental problems.  It is impossible to know the definitive cause of a toothache without a complete dental exam.  Our office is very well equipped with the equipment and procedures to help you in the most comfortable and gentle manner, including temporary fixes which can at least reduce your immediate discomfort until you can return at a more convenient time.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday by appointment,
Wednesday Open until 7 p.m. 

Noon time appointments available.

Dr. Thomas Kelly

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