Dental Insurance makes treatment more affordable, but it does not cover all the patient's costs.

Dental Insurance Questions?

Our office is eager to answer any of your questions or concerns about your dental insurance  and we are happy to confirm your coverage before you schedule an appointment!  Please contact us at (203) 239-0678 to check for you.  Simply provide the name of your dental insurance carrier, their phone number, and your social security number.  Dental insurance is often a vague and confusing aspect of dental care for patients and we will try to help. 

Preferred Provider

Our office accepts most forms of dental insurance, some plans require patients to choose from a list of dentists who are in their network.We are a Preferred Provider for many plans (PPOs). A partial list of those plans is in the dropdown box below. 

We do not participate in capitation plans where insurance companies pay a fixed amount per head because every patient is different and not just a head. Those plans do not encourage treating you as an individual and are inconsistent with the way I practice my profession. 

Claims and Fees

When an insurance company receives a claim, it then sends payment to either the dentist (assignment) or the patient.  This payment reflects the fees which the insurance company has established for various procedures and may differ from the actual fees.  All insurance carriers are different and are unable to account for variables such as the wide diversity of costs in different parts of the country and quality of dental materials available. 

Preauthorization Requests

To alleviate our patients' concerns about costs of treatment, our office routinely submits Preauthorization Requests to insurance providers for extensive dental work.  We then receive an estimate of how much coverage a patient has, which we then discuss with our patient.  As your dentist, I am extremely happy to discuss any questions you have about this sometimes vague topic! I assure you that we provide the highest quality of work and materials available for your new smile, and at a fair and reasonable price.

Dental Insurance Plans Differ

Each dental insurance company establishes its own criteria for how much to pay of a patient's insurance claim.  Often, a company's policy is to pay 100% of services such as exams and cleanings and xrays and 50-80% of other more extensive procedures such as crowns or fillings. The patient is responsible for the balance of the fee. This co-payment and any annual deductable is what is owed by the patient. They frequently have a yearly maximum amount of benefits that caps their payments even if your treatment is otherwise eligible. 

These limits and coverages are set by the plan your employer has purchased from the insurance company.

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