Sleep Apnea - Snoring Appliances

Treatment for Snoring and some Sleep Apneas can be assisted by Dental appliances that improve airflow.
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Open Airway (wearing appliance)

We have successfully treated a number of patients and work with local sleep disorder clinics to help patients reduce their sleep deprivation and improve their quality of life!  If you feel you could benefit from this treatment, please call Dr. Kelly’s office for a consultation or for more information on local area sleep clinics.

Closed Airway (without appliance)

The graphic above demonstrates how the airway increases with a forward-positioned mandible, thereby decreasing the vibrations of soft tissue which cause snoring and also increasing the pathway for oxygen.  

Our office provides dental appliances which can help maintain this optimal position comfortably without surgery!   Sleep apnea is a serious health condition for many people and our office will work with you and your physician to address your concerns. 

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